Picture day – Kindergarten

Posted on October 1st, 2010 by by Chris Noland

It is picture day and Andrew had some specific requirements for Mommy to buy some new clothes for the pictures.   He said that he wanted to look like daddy and have a tie.   I told him it is really better to wear a jacket and no tie, but I can only teach suiting up so fast.


I told Stacey that there is a good chance in High School he is going to want long hair and have baggy pants and t-shirts.


Andrew Starts Kindergarten

Posted on August 23rd, 2010 by by Chris Noland

Where has the time gone in every sense of the word.  I have been a little slow on my posts lately with the new job and trying to keep up with Andrew.  Sometimes I wonder what I am doing as the weeks seem to just fly by.   I felt today deserved a pick little post as Andrew is starting school today at Forest Vista Elementary.   It seems like we just brought him home, but that was so long ago now.

Here is a picture of the little man, and yes that is a tie.  For those that work with me I had no help in picking out or suggesting what he should wear, and really I was against the idea.   Andrew gets to see Daddy dressed up all the time he said he wanted a tie, which every time he and I go shopping for stuff for him we wants a shirt and tie.  Hopefully a future CEO of a fortune 100 company, it is hard to be over dressed. As always SUIT UP!

One project that I am thinking about and want everyone’s opinion on is a list of must see destinations before Andrew gets too old to want to go, or to busy with sports (which he maybe already but that is another story)    Some thoughts I have so far are:  DC & Philadelphia , Rocky Mountain National Park, YosemiteRed wood forest, Yellowstone,  Glacier National Park,  Grand Canyon,  Alaska.  The lists is not exhaustive but please add your comments of other potential spots as I can think of a lot more I need to add as I look back on the last sentence.  So you ask WTF am I thinking?  The goal is to try and give Andrew the ability to experience the see the vastness of America, its history and help establish a stewardship of the land and country (and no I am not a member of the sierra club).   At the end of this we might have a good travel guide on our hands…and then we tackle Europe & Asia…


Still a X team, just another franchise

Posted on March 22nd, 2010 by by Chris Noland

So a few of you may have looking at Linkedin or Plaxo and thought “did I see Chris’s information update recently, that seems strange”.  It is true after nearly 15 years at Tektronix I decided it was time for a change.   Stacey has given me a hard time for a while as she thought I was going to retire at Tek.  When we got married the grooms cake had a picture of Tektronix as I guess my work was/is my life.    We even took a picture in front of one of my customers at the time.

My time at Tektronix as a blast and will miss many of my friends and colleagues that I have made over the years, Stacey was sick of all of the SIU stories she hears and now maybe they can be replaced by tek stories.

So what is next for me?  I joined Exfo to lead their wireless strategy development and help them address the needs of wireless operators.  This is a great opportunity to lead a team and help them build a strategic direction and build a plan to ensure we have the tools to be successful.

So at least I am keeping the X in the company name so there is some consistency 8-)

What does EXFO do you ask?   For those going to CTIA this week please stop by the EXFO booth (6664) and check out our stuff and we can catch up.   We have some exciting stuff that is going to help determine the quality of the backhaul to the cell site and ensure operators are getting the bandwidth and service quality they need.   For my other friends that are not going to the show drop me a line.

Flower Mound, TX – Snow Man

Posted on February 11th, 2010 by by Chris Noland

So if anyone is not convinced that global warming is causing our climate to change needs to look at the crazy weather we are getting in Dallas.

This year was the first for a white Christmas eve and today we have received about 6-7 inches of snow.  IN DALLAS TEXAS.   I really need to shovel my driveway but I don’t really have anything big enough to do the job.

Andrew and I had a lot of fun when we got home from work & school and got to build a snow man.  Andrew was starting to get cold since we don’t really have the clothing to do this for long periods of time

I am waiting to see what tomorrow brings as we hopefully can make it make it out of the house.   Andrew said he needs to make sure he can make it to school as it is the valentines day party.


Orlando – Disney – Thanksgiving Vacation

Posted on November 28th, 2009 by by Chris Noland

Five days at Disney was a lot of fun, and very tiring.  This was Andrew’s first time to Disney and he got to experience it all as we visited all of the parks.  The Migliore’s joined us for the entire week and Andrew had a great time running around with Josey, Ashley and Anthony.   Rob and his crew have season passes and were our resident tour guides for our trip.  I think it has been a long while since they have had a four full days at the parks as we went non stop.

On Saturday we went to MGM Studio’s  (now the Hollywood Studio’s) . Andrew’s favorite was The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ and he had us go on it twice as he loved the dropping and Stacey and I were surprised he was not scared.  The Toy Story Mania! Ride was awesome and it is a big video game.  You are play against your co-riders (2 per car) and shoot targets, getting points as you ride around the track.  The Muppet*Vision 3-D ride was cool but I am a sucker for the Muppets and Andrew liked it.

Sunday was another exciting day as we went to the Magic Kingdom for the first time.  We beat the Migliore’s there and were able to do a few rides before they arrived.   We took Andrew on the Haunted Mansion and I made the mistake of letting Stacey hold him during the intro and he started to freak out and buried his head in Stacey’s lap the entire ride.

Monday was our second day at Magic Kingdom and we were starting to slow down a bit after two days of running around.  Some of the highlights of the day were the Country bear Jamboree, the show has aged a lot but Andrew and the kids still had a lot of fun.  Dinner was awesome at the Whispering Canyon Café the restaurant is served Family style and “all you care to eat” (sill trying to figure out when it changed from all you can eat to all you care to eat, but that may need to be another posting later) One key thing is not to order Ketchup as they bring it ALL to your table, and since Andrew is a ketchup junky we enjoyed the experience.

Lots of Ketchup

Tuesday was the last day of our official Disney adventure, and fittingly we went to Animal Kingdom.  The park has a few cool attractions, the roller coaster is Expedition Everest™ which is a bit different since it goes backwards for a bit, reminiscent of the Tidal Wave at Great America for the older readers (since it is gone).  The Safari was cool Kilimanjaro Safaris® but I don’t think it is as nice as the safari south of Dallas.  The water ride Kali River Rapids® was a lot of fun for those that stayed dry, Stacey and Jen seemed to get the most wet which is funny as Jen had a white shirt on and Stacey had white pants.  The highlight was DINOSAUR and we got a great group picture with Stacey screaming that I will have to scan in when we get home.

Wednesday was our last day that we wanted to go to Disney and finish with eating our way around Epcot since we only had been there for Dinner Sunday night but the weather finally turned kind of ugly and rained all day.  We decided to take in a movie before heading up the Stacey’s parents for the rest of the week.

A long week and ready to get home and start getting the Christmas decorations up.