Andrew Starts Kindergarten

Where has the time gone in every sense of the word.  I have been a little slow on my posts lately with the new job and trying to keep up with Andrew.  Sometimes I wonder what I am doing as the weeks seem to just fly by.   I felt today deserved a pick little post as Andrew is starting school today at Forest Vista Elementary.   It seems like we just brought him home, but that was so long ago now.

Here is a picture of the little man, and yes that is a tie.  For those that work with me I had no help in picking out or suggesting what he should wear, and really I was against the idea.   Andrew gets to see Daddy dressed up all the time he said he wanted a tie, which every time he and I go shopping for stuff for him we wants a shirt and tie.  Hopefully a future CEO of a fortune 100 company, it is hard to be over dressed. As always SUIT UP!

One project that I am thinking about and want everyone’s opinion on is a list of must see destinations before Andrew gets too old to want to go, or to busy with sports (which he maybe already but that is another story)    Some thoughts I have so far are:  DC & Philadelphia , Rocky Mountain National Park, YosemiteRed wood forest, Yellowstone,  Glacier National Park,  Grand Canyon,  Alaska.  The lists is not exhaustive but please add your comments of other potential spots as I can think of a lot more I need to add as I look back on the last sentence.  So you ask WTF am I thinking?  The goal is to try and give Andrew the ability to experience the see the vastness of America, its history and help establish a stewardship of the land and country (and no I am not a member of the sierra club).   At the end of this we might have a good travel guide on our hands…and then we tackle Europe & Asia…


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» Anthony Glavis said: { Aug 23, 2010 - 11:08:03 }

Wow parenthood, huh. Just took our boys to Boston, speaking of our proud hx. Add it to yer list.

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