2011 HTC Race Video – Team MegaHurts

Posted on August 14th, 2012 by by Chris Noland

2011 megahurts

At the beach with Team MegaHurts. Hood to Coast 2011

It is that time of year again…. Were we are all supposed to be getting ready of the Hood to Coast Relay Race in Oregon, but unfortunately TeamMega Hurts was not picked to participate in 2012.  The 2011 running of the race was kind of a mess with additional runners and much hotter than many people expected.  It created some bad launch times as people ran a lot slower than they were supposed to causing major traffic in the transition areas.   Did this almost sound like complaining?  It was still a lot of fun and would do it again when our team is picked.

So I once again signed up for creating the video of the event and should have done it right away as here we are almost a year later and I just finished the file.  I have found my creative ideas and skills in Adobe Premier do not match and just could not get it to look the way I really envisioned…. So after a few weekends of work I present the final video.

The 2011 MegaHurts team

  1. Morgan Brown
  2. Jim Sifferle
  3. David McDougal
  4. Allan Nielsen
  5. Chris Buhlmann
  6. John Oldendorf
  7. Holger Roehl
  8. Christopher Ulrich
  9. Hans Otten
  10. Chris Noland
  11. Paul Tenzeldam
  12. Fiona Nielsen

Dodgers 7U Spring 2012 Title Run

Posted on August 4th, 2012 by by Chris Noland

I originally built this video for the end of the season party but missed it by a few days… Finally getting around to posting.  About to start the Fall season and excited to see what the little guys have in them this year.

The dodgers had a very good season in the fall and were close to winning the town championship for their division coming in second.  The dodgers have come a long way since starting in 4U and should have an even better 2012 season


2011 Food Festival Season

Posted on September 23rd, 2011 by by Chris Noland

GryosLast weekend was the kick off to food festival with Oktoberfest in Addison.   I know Stacey is usually excited about this time of year, maybe not as much as I am.   There is something about eating food out of a tent, and even better if you need tickets 8-)

This time sneaks up on me every year… think I would just put it as a reoccurring event in outlook.

I have spoke with more people that maybe interested in attending some of these so expanding the distribution list, you can join us or head out on your own.  If you have a food festival that I should be tracking please send me a note or comment below.   I will be updating my list below as I learn about others we should attend

September Events

Dallas Greek Fest September 23-25


Noland’s plan to attend Saturday afternoon – 4-6ish

Japanese Fall Festival  September 25th


 Texas State fair September 30 – October 23


I am not a big fan of this event, food is usually subpar

October Events

Lebanese Food Festival September 30 – October 2


The food is good at this one, but no alcohol.  I need beer with my food on a stick please.

Mid Cities Greek Fest October 7-9


Looking at dinner Friday night… have Tyler ½ marathon on Sunday and late baseball game Saturday night

World Fest October 22-23 (Addison, TX)


We get to see Rossitza dance, how can we pass this up

November Events

Romanian Festival – November 4-6


Never been to this one and recently learned about it… if anyone has feedback please let me know

Annual Beaujolais & Beyond Wine Festival – November 18th

(French American)


 Fort Worth Greek Festival November 11-13


I have yet to make it to this one, I have been told it is great really want to attend this year

2008 MegaHurts Video – Hood to Coast

Posted on August 9th, 2011 by by Chris Noland

Only a few more weeks until Hood to Coast 2011, amazing that I have not done this since 2008 seems like just yesterday.  Pushing the training still to be able to perform at the required pace.

I am joining the Team MegaHurts again for my 4th run, but think it is the 11 or 12th for the team.

Here is a little video we pulled together at the end of 2008.

See you on the beach

Running with Water – Going the Distance

Posted on July 29th, 2011 by by Chris Noland

camelBak 2011 XCT

Did my first “test run” today with a new way to carry water.  For those up north they might think this is unnecessary but when it is 85 degrees and 60-70% humidity at 5 am… water is necessary for any runs of good length.  The water sloshed around a bit but think I can get used to it on some longer runs, on the shorter and faster runs I think I can go with it 1/2 full and still have plenty.

I typically run with a water belt with 4 small bottles on my long runs but it does not seem to be enough plus it has been cutting into my sides…some like to run with bottles in their hands but I just have never been able to stand that for long as my hands get too sweaty.   I always thought the bikers have an unfair advantage as they can have tons of water with them and us runners could not… seems they finally figured out how to make a pack that does not completely annoy you while running.   As for getting more sweaty with it…at the point it is pouring off me I don’t think this made it any worse.

Should get some good use over the next few months as I try to get up to 50+ miles a week for the white rock.

If anyone has any experience with these please let me know any tips / tricks with these.   There is another one that I almost purchased that carries the water lower and seems cool as it may slosh around less.

Maybe now I can carry a small towel and can jump in for a swim on the Sunday trail run with @Marc Swinney