2011 HTC Race Video – Team MegaHurts

2011 megahurts

At the beach with Team MegaHurts. Hood to Coast 2011

It is that time of year again…. Were we are all supposed to be getting ready of the Hood to Coast Relay Race in Oregon, but unfortunately TeamMega Hurts was not picked to participate in 2012.  The 2011 running of the race was kind of a mess with additional runners and much hotter than many people expected.  It created some bad launch times as people ran a lot slower than they were supposed to causing major traffic in the transition areas.   Did this almost sound like complaining?  It was still a lot of fun and would do it again when our team is picked.

So I once again signed up for creating the video of the event and should have done it right away as here we are almost a year later and I just finished the file.  I have found my creative ideas and skills in Adobe Premier do not match and just could not get it to look the way I really envisioned…. So after a few weekends of work I present the final video.

The 2011 MegaHurts team

  1. Morgan Brown
  2. Jim Sifferle
  3. David McDougal
  4. Allan Nielsen
  5. Chris Buhlmann
  6. John Oldendorf
  7. Holger Roehl
  8. Christopher Ulrich
  9. Hans Otten
  10. Chris Noland
  11. Paul Tenzeldam
  12. Fiona Nielsen

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