Richardson Corporate Challenge 5K

The Richardson corporate challenge was today and Stacey actually joined the Tek Team.  The weather was still a bit warm & humid for me, but still pulled in an OK time of 20:15, it was 26th over all with the winner finishing at an amazing 17:35 (and he is over 40)  Stacey really sucked it up and pushed it to a 34:25 time, next year she is targeting under 30 minutes (she does not know yet) .

The rest of the Tektronix team did really well.  The men’s side of the team changed a lot as David left the company and Chris Ulrich was traveling, we were fortunate to have Holger push it a bit faster and a few new recruits to the team added some speed.

The women’s side did exceptionally well with Fiona blazing it in for a silver in her age group at 20:47.  Since Ulrich bailed on us this year he sent his wife to keep the name alive in the standings and she finished second for the Tektronix women at 27:23.  Anamika wanted to show sustaining does more than engineering and pushed it to a great time of 33:44, beating her 2008 time of 35:01.

Part of the group stuck around for a good picture.

Next year we expect to have a larger team (hint, hint to readers) and need to find a way to get some the executives to run as 3.1 miles is a piece of cake.

Run fast, think later.

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